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  • Document CSEA By-Laws
    (CLICK HERE to download PDF) BY-LAWS OF THE COLUMBUS STATE EDUCATION ASSOCIATION ARTICLE I - MEETINGS SECTION 1 - EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE The Executive Committee shall meet at least twice per SEMESTER, and more frequently at the call of the President. SECTION 2 - GENERAL MEMBERSHIP The general membership meetings shall be held at least once each SEMESTER.   Additional meetings may be called by the President, a majority vote of the Executive Committee, or a petition to the President signed by at least t...
  • CSEA Constitution
    (CLICK HERE to download PDF) --> CONSTITUTION OF THE COLUMBUS STATE EDUCATION ASSOCIATION Article I – Name Section 1 – Name The name of this organization shall be the Columbus State Education Association (CSEA). Section 2 – Affiliations This Association shall maintain affiliation with the Central OEA/NEA, Inc., the Ohio Education Association, and the National Education Association.The Ohio Education Association represents the Association on all matters concerning the Association before the State Employm...