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The CSEA Advocate
October 1, 2019

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In This Edition:

A Message from the CSEA President

Bargaining Preparation

Health Care Benefits Information

Know Your Contract

CSEA General Membership Meeting

CSEA Members Fall Gathering

Future Editions of The CSEA Advocate

Know Your Representatives


A Message from the CSEA President


Let me begin by welcoming our newest faculty members. I sincerely hope you will have a long and rewarding career at Columbus State. I think you will be happy here. We have a dedicated and caring faculty that have built a highly respected college. On behalf of CSEA, I pledge that we will do everything possible to support your work toward student success. We further pledge that we will relentlessly advocate to assure that you and your profession are respected.

As we look forward to the year ahead there will no doubt be challenges. Our current contract expires June 30, 2020. Bargaining the new contract will begin during Spring semester. We had hoped that a spirit of cooperation would guide these upcoming negotiations. Instead we have been confronted by administrators who are new to their positions, and have come to these positions unprepared. 

We were surprised to find HR professionals who administered discipline, but had not read the contract provisions regarding discipline. We found administrators asserting authority over professional development, but had not read the contract provisions dealing with professional development. We found an administrator asserting a right to exclude CSEA from a discussion concerning terms of employment, who had not read the contract provision on representation. As teachers, we are accustomed to some students coming to class without having done the required reading, but we should not anticipate this from administrators. However, when we have offered to discuss a matter with which they are unfamiliar, we are met with resistance. For example, most recently a Labor Management Committee meeting was scheduled for last Thursday to discuss one of these matters, the administration unilaterally cancelled the 11:00 AM meeting at 8:08 AM. 

Remember that this is a contract unanimously approved by the Board of Trustees and 98.5% of the voting faculty. 

We believe that, unfortunately, this demonstrates a complete lack of respect for the faculty and the value of what we do. Faculty have worked very hard to improve student achievement. I have listened to career administrators with the jaw dropping temerity to lecture groups of faculty, some of whom have decades of teaching behind them, on the importance of putting students first. These same administrators seem befuddled when they are asked for assistance by faculty who have designed the very programs meant to improve the achievement levels of our students in important areas like English.

Despite all this, I am optimistic. We have a dedicated faculty, supportive advisors, and a staff that, working together, have made this college what it is. Administrators come and go, but we are strong at the core.


Bargaining Preparation

Our current contract expires on June 30, 2020. This means bargaining for the next contract will begin in spring 2020. CSEA members should be on the lookout for a survey, giving you the opportunity to share your topics of interest and/or concern regarding the contract. Division Senior Representatives will also coordinate with Department Representatives on setting up Member Chats, where, again, your contract questions or concerns can be addressed and documented for bargaining purposes.

Health Care Benefits Information

By: Eric Neubauer, Professor of Social Sciences

Below is a comparison of the monthly amount in health-care contributions (costs) that each employee had taken out of their pay for 2018-19 year versus the amount for each plan (Core, HSA, and Tiers) for 2019-20. The monthly amount is based on the 20% employee contribution over 24-pay periods; for 18-pay periods, the monthly amount would be slightly more. Monthly amounts would also be higher if the employee contribution is 30%, rather than 20%.

Monthly Amount (24-pay) - 20% (with rewards)            

2018-19                  2019-20

Core Plan
Single                                       $134.80                 $145.52 
Family                                      $354.44                 $382.62

Core Plan Teamsters
Single                                       $141.56                 $152.82
Family                                       $372.16                 $401.74

Single                                       $113.20                 $122.20
Family                                       $297.68                 $321.34

Tiered Core Plan
EE only                                      $123.24                 $133.04
EE + spouse                              $295.72                 $319.22
EE+ 1 or 2 Child(ren)                $221.80                 $239.44
Family                                        $324.08                 $349.84

Note: There were no changes in amount for Dental and Vision from 2018-19 to 2019-20.

In addition, you will see differences in the contributions one would normally make per pay period on your 1stpay statement for the Academic Year (September 13, 2019) if you have changed plans (say, from the Core Plan to HSA) or are on 18-pay periods.  For those on 18-pay periods, the summer month contributions are taken out up front.  Starting the second pay period (the statement that comes out September 30, 2019), the amount taken out each pay period will be the same going forward.

Know Your Contract

Section 36.02 (B) Compensation – Credentialed Instructor of the Course provides reassigned time for instructors teaching College Credit Plus courses in a school district for the first time. Per this section of the current contract:

When College faculty teach a College Credit Plus course in the high school as the credentialed instructor of the course, the faculty member is compensated in the same manner as if they were teaching a non-College Credit Plus course at any other location. During the initial semester that the instructor teaches the College Credit Plus course, the instructor will receive an additional one-half (0.5) reassigned hour for each school district in which the instructor is teaching the course.

If during the life of the current contract you have not received this reassigned time for adapting to a school district you are teaching in for the first time, please contact Rachel Brooks-Pannell at

CSEA General Membership Meeting

Come find out what’s going on.

When: Thursday, October 10th

When: 3:00 to 4:00 p.m.

Where: Franklin 106

CSEA Members Fall Gathering

Join us for hors d’oeuvres and non-alcoholic drinks as we gather for conversation, collaboration, and preparation for our upcoming negotiations in spring. Below are the details.

When: Thursday, October 10th

When: 4:30 to 6:00 p.m.

Where: Station 67 at 379 West Broad Street, Columbus 43215

RSVP: By October 4th, click here

Future Editions of The CSEA Advocate

We hope you have found this edition of The CSEA Advocateinformative. We welcome contributions, comments, news, and insights from CSEA members by January 2020 for the next edition. Please send them to Rachel Brooks-Pannell at

Know Your CSEA Representatives

Executive Committee - Officers

Tom Shanahan                       President                                287-2623

Adam Keller                            Vice President                        287-2562

Rachel Brooks-Pannell           Secretary                                287-2328

Michelle Duda                         Treasurer                                287-2607

Leslie Smith                            Parliamentarian                      287-5302

Executive Committee - Senior Representatives

Heather Johnston                   Arts & Sciences                      287-2679

Debra Dyer                             Business & Engineering         287-2477

Tamara Montgomery              Health & Human Services      287-2509

Martha Crone                          Annual Contract Faculty         287-5834

Department Representatives

Dan Collins &                          Allied Health                           287-2435

Fauna Stout                                                                            287-3638

Eric Kenz &                             Biological & Physical             287-5176 

Rachael Romain &                 Sciences                                 287-5467
Lyndsy Frazier                                                                        287-5365

Terrie Stolte                            Business Programs                287-2798

Elycia Taylor                           Communications                     287-3680

Brenna Michelis                      Delaware Campus        (740) 203-8151

Mark Mitchell &                       Engineer. & Transport Tech   287-3612 
Chuck Kassor                                                                         287-7108

Rebecca Fleming                   English                                    287-5186

Tim Davis                                Humanities                              287-5830

Christine Creagh                     Human Services                     287-5805

Royce Carpenter                                                                    287-5382

Debra Dyer                             Information Systems Tech     287-2477

Jon Lundquist                         Integrated Media & Tech        287-5647

Phil MacLean &                      Mathematics                           287-5308
Beth Barnett                                                                            287-2593

Terry Eisele                            Modern Languages                287-5202            

Jackie Miller &                        Nursing                                   287-2601
Tara Rohr                                                                                287-2504

Elizabeth Hammond               Psychology & Education        287-5199

Irene Petten                            Social Sciences                      287-2004

Antoinette Perkins                  Sport & Exercise Studies       287-5754

Jerry Tyree                             Vet., Imag. & Surgical Tech   287-3692