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The Word from CSEA
November 28, 2016

In This Issue:

A Message from the CSEA President

Know Your Contract

Did You Know?

Board of Trustees Meeting

Faculty Updates

Know Your Representatives


A Message from the CSEA President

Dear Colleagues,

Two weeks ago President Harrison sent an important message to the campus community emphasizing the importance of tolerance in a learning environment. CSEA applauds his firm statement that, “The College will not tolerate any conduct in which differences in beliefs, appearance, or opinion descend into intimidation or discrimination.” We also support the free and open discussion of ideas on our campus. This is one of the most important foundations of an educational institution. We, the faculty, should continue to do everything we can to strengthen tolerance and to make this college an oasis of fairness, respect, equality, and safety for all.

On a related note, the Office of Equity and Compliance and the Office of Student Life have launched an online training program for students that focuses on sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking and sexual harassment. Please encourage your students to participate.

Finally, I want to thank all of you who are stepping forward to volunteer for CSEA. Faculty are working together to prepare for the challenges ahead. Several times a week faculty ask me how they can help.  Participation has never been greater, and we have never been more unified. We are organizing specialized action teams in a variety of areas. Please let your rep know your interests. This is your professional organization.

Thanks again.


Know Your Contract

Article 20 – Corrective Action outlines the processes involved that the college must follow when taking corrective action against a faculty member.  In general, the corrective action is to be imposed on the faculty member with the intention of correcting his/her behavior.  Ideally, this should be accomplished informally between the faculty member and chairperson/supervisor, with advice and assistance from CSEA and/or Human Resources.  However, if the behavior is not corrected, formal corrective action will be applied in a progressive fashion (becoming more severe) up to and including removal.  Note that certain major offenses will warrant severe discipline which could include removal on the first offense.

Section 20.05 – Pre-Corrective (Loudermill) deals with the corrective action process where the faculty member is to be suspended without pay, demoted, have their salary reduced, or be removed (fired).  In these instances – the most severe in the corrective action process - the faculty member has the right to a meeting prior to the decision to be formally disciplined in one (or more) of the methods listed.  The purpose of the meeting is to allow the faculty member to tell his/her side of the story as to why he/she should not be disciplined.  Note that the faculty member has the right to have a designated representative of CSEA at the meeting and to speak on his/her behalf, if the faculty member chooses to do so.  Also note that this designated CSEA representative can be an outside lawyer working on behalf of CSEA through OEA.

The faculty member must be given at least 5 days advance notice of the pre-corrective meeting via registered mail and regular mail by Human Resources.  At the meeting the faculty member and a member from Human Resources, along with a designated representative of CSEA will be present.  The faculty member’s chairperson/supervisor who has recommended the discipline, may (or may not) be present as well.

Accompanying the written notice, both the faculty member and CSEA will be given the actual charges, a copy of the evidence, and a list of witnesses that the college will use to support the allegations.  Note that there cannot be any witnesses or witness testimony – from either side – at the meeting.  In addition, there will be no cross-examination of the faculty member nor of the faculty member’s chairperson/supervisor.  The faculty member (or designated CSEA representative) is there to ask questions about the charges and to tell his/her side of the story.  As a representative of Human Resources will be present, they may ask questions of all parties involved.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the Human Resources representative will write a summary report of the meeting and determine if there was a violation of work rules, policies or procedures.  No later than 10 days after the Pre-Corrective (Loudermill) meeting the faculty member will be notified of the corrective action in writing in a meeting with the chairperson/supervisor, Human Resources representative, and CSEA.

CSEA encourages all faculty to inform their department representative (or Executive Committee member) of any instance where corrective action – either informal or formal – may take place.  Being proactive and keeping CSEA informed at the earliest stages of any potential corrective action will help ensure no unwarranted corrective action is taken by the college against you and that the corrective action process is adhered to as outlined in the contract.  If you have any questions regarding Article 20 – Corrective Action, please consult with your department representative or a member of the CSEA Executive Committee.

Section 20.05 – Pre-Corrective (Loudermill)

If the proposed formal corrective action involves suspension, demotion, salary reduction, or removal, the faculty member is accorded a meeting (Loudermill) prior to the decision to discipline/remove. The purpose of the meeting is to allow the accused faculty member, either personally or through the Association’s designated representative(s), the ability to tell his/her side of the story as to why he/she should not be disciplined/removed. The faculty member and the Association will be given at least 5 days written notice before the meeting by registered and regular U.S. Mail at the last known address on file in the Human Resource Department. In attendance at the meeting will be the recommending supervisor if necessary, the faculty member, a representative from Human Resources, and representation as designated by the Association.

Accompanying the above-referenced written notice, the faculty member and the Association will be given the actual charges, a copy of the evidence, and a list of witnesses that the College will use to support the allegations. Any additional such information that becomes available will be immediately forwarded personally to the faculty member’s Association representative. There shall be no witnesses or testimony at the Loudermill meeting. The faculty member may individually, or through his/her representation as designated by the Association, ask questions to clarify the issues and charges. However, there will be no cross-examination of the faculty member or the supervisor. The Human Resources Representative may ask questions of all parties involved.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the Human Resources Representative shall write a summary of the meeting and determine if there was a violation of the work rules, policies or procedures. That report shall be sent to the Vice President of Human Resources within 5 days of the conclusion of the meeting. The supervisor, Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs/designee, and the Vice President of Human Resources/designee shall meet to discuss the proposed corrective action.  No later than 10 days after the Loudermill meeting, the faculty member will be notified of the
corrective action in writing in a meeting with the supervisor, the Vice President of Human Resources/designee, and the Association.


Did You Know?

Did you know that all reassigned time opportunities are voluntary on the part of faculty?  The only exception to this is the Program Coordinator role in programs that have only one full-time faculty member.  If an administrator pressures or directs you to take on a reassigned time project or role that you do not want, please ask the administrator to put the directive in writing and contact your department or senior representative of CSEA immediately.

Next Board of Trustees Meeting

Committee of the Whole: Thursday, January 19th, at noon (location TBD)
Board of Trustees: Thursday, January 26th, at 6:00 (location TBD)

Faculty Updates

Presentation at the Columbus Dietetic Association Meeting

Paula Gallagher, annually contracted faculty in Nutrition, co-presented a session at the Columbus Dietetic Association meeting Thursday, November 17.  She spoke on “Microbiome-Related Diseases IBS, SIBO, and Leaky Gut” with Dr. William D. Salt II, a gastroenterologist.

Presentation at the ATE in Washington, D.C.

Gary Clark, assistant professor in Computer Science, presented at the Advanced Technical Education (ATE) conference in Washington, D.C. The program focuses on the education of technicians for the high-technology and STEM fields that drive our nation's economy. There are currently five active projects funded at Columbus State, including modern manufacturing, logistics engineering technology, cybersecurity, alternative energy automotive, and construction management.

The annual conference provides an opportunity to share best practices and develop partnerships with like-minded schools, projects, and faculty. Each Columbus State project participated in a showcase session presenting their progress and achievements, as well as networking with potential partners from other colleges.

Panelist at the STEM Regional Collaborative Pre Meeting on Engineering Technologies and Math Pathways

Lee Wayand, assistant professor of Mathematics, was recently a panelist at the STEM Regional Collaborative Pre-Meeting on Engineering Technologies and Math Pathways, held at Lorain County Community College. Wayand’s presentation focused on Columbus State’s redesign of math sequences for Columbus State’s technical programs, or “contextual mathematics.” 

Info Security Instructor Promotes Cyber Security Month

Larry McWherter, Information Security instructor at Columbus State, reports that Columbus State has become a “Champion” for National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) 2016. Columbus State will join a growing global effort among businesses, government agencies, colleges and universities, associations, nonprofit organizations and individuals to promote online safety awareness.

Recognized every October, NCSAM was created as a collaborative effort between government and industry to ensure all digital citizens have the resources needed to stay safer and more secure online while also protecting their personal information. As an official Champion, Columbus State recognizes its commitment to cybersecurity, online safety and privacy.

You can read lots more about National Cyber Security Awareness Month at

Students Assist in Out of the Darkness Event

Sixteen service-learning students in Dr. Mary Lewis’ Psy2340: Human Growth and Development Across the Life-Span class participated in the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention “Out of the Darkness” event, October 9.

The students spent hours researching, designing, creating, and organizing prior to the event, and then ran the entire children’s area during the four-hour event. Activities included self-esteem chains, strength stones, face painting, bead bracelets, and pumpkin decorating. There were more than 1,770 participants and the walk raised close to $100,000, with half of that money staying in Central Ohio for suicide prevention efforts.

Faculty Participate in Video Game Conference

The fourth annual Game Developer Expo (GDEX) was held at COSI from October 28 – 30. More than 100 game studios showed their work at the conference, the largest expo of its kind in the Midwest. The newly initiated Dev Day ( was sponsored by Columbus State, and many of our current and former students were speakers, vendors, and volunteers at the event. Henry Bawden, lead instructor of Video Game Art and Animation gave a workshop at Dev Day on narrative in games, and gave a talk on pedagogy for games. Bawden is on the board of the Ohio Game Developer Association, host of the conference. Bawden, Assistant Professor Peter Carswell, and student volunteers attended to promote the two video game degrees that are offered at Columbus State.

CSEA Representatives

Executive Committee - Officers

Tom Shanahan                         President                                                      287-2623

Adam Keller                            Vice President                                              287-2562

Rachel Brooks-Pannell            Secretary                                                      287-2328

Michelle Duda                         Treasurer                                                      287-2607

Catherine Ritterbusch              Parliamentarian                                            287-2622

Executive Committee - Senior Representatives

Heather Johnston                     Arts & Sciences                                            287-2679

Lydia Gilmore                         Business & Engineering                                287-3908

Dianne Fidelibus                     Health & Human Services                             287-5015

Department Representatives

Eric Kenz                                    Biological & Physical Sciences                287-5176
Rachael Romain                                                                                            287-5467
Lyndsy Wolff                                                                                                 287-5365

Scott Milsap                                Communication                                         287-5124

Beth Barnett                                Developmental Education                         287-2593

Rebecca Fleming    English                                                                           287-5186

Tim Davis                                    Humanities                                                287-5830

Phil MacLean                              Mathematics                                              287-5308

Terry Eisele                                 Justice & Safety / Modern Languages       287-5202                                          

Elizabeth Hammond                   Psychology                                                 287-5199

Irene Petten                                 Social Sciences                                           287-2004

Dan Collins                                 Allied Health                                               287-2435

Mark Mitchell                             Automotive & Applied Technology           287-3612  

Chuck Kassor                              Bolton Field                                                287-7108

Lydia Gilmore                             Business Programs                                      287-3908

Deb Dyer                                     Computer Science                                       287-2477

Jeff Bates                                     Construction Sciences &                            287-3652
                                                     Engineering Technology                                  

Brenna Michelis                          Delaware Campus                                       (740) 203-8151

Antoinette Perkins &                   Hospitality, Massage Therapy,                    287-5754

Christine Creagh                          Human Services                                          287-5805

Jon Lundquist                               Integrated Media & Technologies              287-5647

Jackie Miller &                             Nursing                                                       287-2601
Tammy Montgomery                                                                                        287-2509

Carla Mayers-Bletsch                   Veterinary Image &  Surgical Tech.           287-5232

The Word from CSEA is produced by the Communications Committee of the Columbus State Education Association – Frank A. Barnhart, Rachel Brooks-Pannell, Eric Neubauer, Amy Ng, Irene Petten, and Shauna Sowga. We welcome your participation, comments, news, and insights.  Our initial deadline for submissions or ideas is around the 15th of each month. Please send all correspondences to Rachel Brooks-Pannell at  Other information and back issues of The Word from CSEA are available at CSEA's web site.

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