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The Word from CSEA

Columbus State Education Association Newsletter of July 13, 2010


As faculty and other CSCC employees have in a number of receptions, CSEA extends a warm welcome to the College’s new president, Dr. David Harrison.

We are encouraged by his experience in community colleges, recognized management skills, and reputation for engaging as many people as possible in responding to institutional challenges. He brings with him a reputation for respecting the input of both faculty and staff in his previous work at Sinclair Community College in Dayton, Seminole Community College in Florida, and the University of Central Florida.

We have been impressed already with his leadership style. For too many years during the tenures of Dr. Moeller as president and Dr. Snider as provost, Columbus State operated under a system in which plans and decisions were made at the administrative level, followed by meetings and “forums” in which staff and faculty were expected to participate but that were in fact designed to simply legitimize the administrative decisions that had already been made. In this way, there was evidence of “participation” at all levels.

Dr. Harrison appears to have a different approach: gather information, involve the most experienced and innovative people from all areas of the College, use their professional expertise, ask lots of open-ended questions, determine the benefit for students as well as to College operations, and make sure that the solution is not just efficient but actually effective in addressing the issue or reaching the goal. This style is almost guaranteed to produce better quality academic & technical programs, better service to the community, and improved employee morale.

There are changes coming, and we’ll all need to be both flexible and patient. An ocean liner can’t turn on a dime. The challenges of the switch to semesters, the opening of the Delaware campus, state support for higher education, and the need for more space and updated facilities downtown will demand the best efforts of everyone at CSCC. In meetings during his first week on campus, Dr. Harrison has shown already that he has one of the most important qualities of a leader: he knows how to listen. And more than that: he can understand what’s being said.

Dr. Harrison has expressed a vision of greater faculty participation in the direction and development of the college, and we look forward to moving beyond the administrative resistance to internal change that was a hallmark of the Moeller/Snider era and that contrasted CSCC’s well-earned record of quality teaching and creative higher education opportunities in central Ohio. Welcome, Dr. Harrison.


Please mark your calendar now for the next CSEA meeting on Thursday, July 22, at 3 PM in a location to be determined.

Agenda items include an update on semester conversion activities, Delaware campus activities, and preliminary discussions on contract negotiations for next year.


CSEA extends its congratulations to faculty who have been awarded promotion in rank effective July 1.

Those promoted to associate professor were: Judith Anderson (English), Lilia Bermudez(Psychology), Linda Berton (Modern Languages), Glenn Clayman (Social Science), Judith Dann ( Humanities), Tim Davis (Humanities), T.J. Duda (Mathematics), Terry Eisele (Modern Languages), Paul Graves (Humanities), Douglas Gray (Communication), Traci Haynes (Psychology), Brenna Michelis(Developmental Education), John Nedel (Mathematics), Joan Petrusky (English), Rita Rice (English),Bob Stein (Communication), Mingzhi Xu (Mathematics), Tom Barrowman ( Real Estate/Appraisal),Richard Bartlett (Business Management), Joy Bonnivier (Nursing), Carmen Daniels (Business Management), Mary Lou Guillory, (Human Services), Barbara Kerr (Nursing Program), and April Magoteaux (Nursing).

Those promoted to full professor were: Hakim Adjoua (Justice and Safety), Rita Krummen (Nursing),Tina Perry (Human Services), Li Yang (Human Services), Nardos Lijam (Biological Sciences), Beth Barnett (Developmental Education), Phil MacLean (Mathematics), and Jane Roberts (Allied Health Professions).


CSEA also congratulates faculty who earned this year’s Distinguished Teaching Awards: Adam Keller, fulltime faculty member in Physical Sciences who teaches organic chemistry; Bert Vonderahe, adjunct faculty member in Landscape Design/Build, who teaches Landscaping for Homeowners; John Wallace, fulltime faculty member in Developmental Education; and Tina Berry, fulltime faculty member in Nursing.

In our 2008 contract negotiations, CSEA was able to bargain an increase in the cash award that accompanies the award from $1,000 to $2,500, as well as a reserved parking space for one quarter and reassigned time for recipients. Recipients now receive 2 hours of reassigned time to do their work as master teachers who will review and select the following year’s award winners.

CSEA also congratulates Heather Crites, multimedia database web developer in the Instructional Technologies and Distance Learning department, on being selected as Staff Employee of the Year.


CSEA representatives have been meeting with college officials to finalize an agreement on faculty compensation for work involved in the conversion to semesters. We anticipate distributing a document to all faculty in the coming days.

As mentioned in earlier issues of The Word, some faculty in the Career & Technical Division will receive reassigned time to help coordinate this project for their department. Departments may have more than one faculty member working in this capacity and receiving reassigned time. Each department is being allocated 5 hours of reassigned time per quarter for four quarters to allow faculty to accomplish the necessary tasks involved with converting courses.

In the Arts & Sciences Division, faculty should be keeping track of the time spent on completing Phase I work (crosswalks and accompanying paperwork), and submit those hours to their department chairpersons by July 31. Human Resources will then pay faculty at the hourly rate for those hours on the August 15 pay.

Additional information about conversion to semesters is available on the College's website at


Last year CSEA members voted to create a CSEA scholarship to be administered through the Development Foundation. The first recipient was Scott Behrendt, a Business Management student who received $500 this past Winter Quarter.


Faculty who teach for other colleges (traditional classes or online classes) must follow College Policies and Procedures for doing so (specifically, College Policy 3-20 and College Procedure 3-20(C)), including not performing this work during assigned Columbus State working hours and obtaining the written consent of the President [or, in the case of faculty teaching non-traditional schedules—such as distance learning courses or night or weekend classes—notifying the President prior to commencing the activity].

CSEA has become aware of allegations that a college administrator may have violated College Policy and/or Procedure in this area. In the past, faculty members have been terminated for such activity. Furthermore, it is alleged that the administrator may not only have violated the College Policy and/or Procedure in this area, but also ignored a supervisor’s directive that allowed him to teach only one course per quarter, instead teaching multiple courses for other institutions at the same time. We are monitoring the situation in order to determine—for future reference—how seriously the College takes violations of this policy and procedure.

The Word is produced by the Communications Committee of the Columbus State Education Association. We welcome your comments, news, and insights.

Darrell Minor, President/ x5310
Kevin James, Vice-President / x5008
Judy Anderson, Secretary / x5453
Phil MacLean, Treasurer / x5308
Ingrid Emch, Parliamentarian-elect / x5824

Steve Abbott, Senior Association Representative / x5096
Gil Feiertag, Senior Association Representative / x5861
Beth Barnett, Association Representative / x2593
Dr. Bill Cook, Association Representative / x5364
T.J. Duda, Association Representative / x5309
Cindy Evans, Association Representative / x2435
Dr. Charlie Gallucci, Association Representative / x5499
Dr. Mort Javadi, Association Representative / x5635
Dr. Sue Longenbaker, Association Representative / x2430
Jackie Miller, Association Representative / x2601
Mark Mitchell, Association Representative / x3612
Eric Nuebauer, Association Representative / x5698
Dr. Antoinette Perkins, Association Representative / x5754
Keith Sanders, Association Representative / x2588
Mike Schumacher, Association Representative / x5482
Gilberto Serrano, Association Representative / x3863

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