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The Word from CSEA

Columbus State Education Association Newsletter of March 6, 2008


We encourage you to attend an open meeting for all full-time faculty on Monday, March 10 at 2:30 p.m. in FR 106. Regardless of whether you are a CSEA member or not, we encourage you to attend to discuss issues that will be raised in negotiations as well as common concerns among all divisions.


We remind those who have not yet returned the full-time faculty survey on collective bargaining issues to complete and return them by tomorrow/Friday. Your input will guide your Bargaining Team when negotiations begin next month. Please be sure to add any comments that will provide your representatives with information about outstanding issues in your program/department or division.


Academic administrators have still not taken a definite position on academic freedom by stating clearly whether the Human Resources office can dictate curriculum to faculty. CSEA is continuing to work with the administration to come to a satisfactory conclusion on this issue, which arose when, in a letter reporting the resolution of a student complaint, an HR manager threatened a faculty member in the Career and Technical Division with disciplinary action "up to and including termination" if certain material-contained in a textbook used throughout the country-was presented in the classroom. In an official letter sent by the Provost to the faculty member, she mentions that "scenarios selected for presentation are definitely curricular", while other types of behavioral issues are "within the prevue (sic) of Human Resources." However, she failed to address the matter of whether or not the faculty member is still under the threat of termination if the scenarios (deemed curricular) are discussed. We are now awaiting a response from the department chairperson regarding the matter. To those who have asked, please do not yet begin submitting all of your lesson plans to Human Resources for approval.

The Word is produced by the Communications Committee of the Columbus State Education Association. We welcome your comments, news, and insights.

Darrell Minor, President and President-elect/ x5310
Amy Brubaker, Vice-President / x5068
Susan Moran, Secretary / x5453
Phil MacLean, Treasurer / x5308
Mary Morgan, Parliamentarian-elect / x5768

Steve Abbott, Senior Association Representative / x5096
Gil Feiertag, Senior Association Representative / x5861
Judy Anderson, Association Representative / x5822
Liz Betzel, Association Representative / x5329
Mark Bocija, Association Representative / x5049
Dave Busch, Association Representative / x5079
T.J. Duda, Association Representative / x5309
Dr. Charlie Gallucci, Association Representative / x5499
Cindy Evans, Association Representative / x2435
Bob Mergel, Association Representative / x5034
Eric Nuebauer, Association Representative / x5698
Dona Reaser, Association Representative / x5475
Gilberto Serrano, Association Representative / x3863
Leslie Smith, Association Representative / x5302
Kathy Struve, Association Representative / x5330

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