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The Word from CSEA

Columbus State Education Association Newsletter of April 30, 2007


There will be a one-hour CSEA member meeting next Wednesday, May 9, at 3 PM at a location yet to be confirmed.

Agenda items include a proposed budget adjustment for the current year to permit an executive committee discretionary fund, a proposal for a temporary reduction of our local dues assessment next year, brief updates on campus and other Association activities, and a discussion of defining an Association position on whether campus safety forces should be allowed to carry firearms. Your input on all of these issues is valuable and encouraged.


The original deadline to register for the Komen Race for the Cure on Saturday, May 19, has passed, but you can still register for the Columbus State team online if you act NOW. RIGHT NOW.

To register online:

  1. Go to
  2. Select "2007 Team Registration." Check the waiver box and the box indicating you are over 18 years of age. You do not need to do anything with the "Optional Login" boxes. Click "Continue."
  3. Select the team name "ColumbusState" from the drop down box. There is no team password. Fill out the rest of the form and click "Continue."
  4. Complete the payment information.
  5. Congratulations, you have registered for the Columbus State Race for the Cure Team!

To register through interoffice mail:
Contact one of the team captains listed below:

CSEA is pleased to join Student Activities to sponsor broader participation by all CSCC employees and mobilize a Columbus State team for this year's event.


CSEA will sponsor an informational table at the college's Spring Fling event on May 17 between 11:30 AM and 1:30 PM. If you are willing to help out with staffing the table, please contact Gil Feiertag at x5861.


CSEA must express concern that after more than six months of work by staff, faculty and administrators, there appears to be strong effort by representatives of the HR Office to make last-minute changes or raise last-minute objections to project language that has been developed over months of collaborative effort.

The AQIP process is supposed to have buy-in from faculty and staff as well as administrators, and the process is designed to engage faculty and staff in defining and implementing quality improvement efforts. These late efforts are attempting to define certain words or concepts as "bargaining issues" in an effort to remove them from the AQIP Action Projects.

Following CSEA's expression of concern about AQIP to the Board of Trustees at its January meeting, more faculty became involved in the accreditation process after committee chairs agreed to include some consideration of faculty's availability when setting up meeting times. The past three months of effort have produced excellent work through open and forthright discussion of the issues.

More recently, however, some faculty representatives on the AQIP committees, including CSEA representatives, have begun to question whether the administration is truly willing to address quality-improvement issues that are employee-driven, rather than dictated by the President and other administrators. At this point, faculty remain willing to give AQIP a chance. However, CSEA will continue to question the intentions of anyone who attempts to derail the process in its final planning stages. We will also inform faculty and the campus community of any actions that indicate that the college's administration is unwilling to engage in the good-faith and collegial process of accreditation that the Higher Learning Commission expects.

The Word is produced by the Communications Committee of the Columbus State Education Association. We welcome your comments, news, and insights.

Darrell Minor, President and President-elect/ x5310
Amy Brubaker, Vice-President / x5068
Susan Moran, Secretary / x5453
Phil MacLean, Treasurer / x5308
Mary Morgan, Parliamentarian-elect / x5768

Steve Abbott, Senior Association Representative / x5096
Gil Feiertag, Senior Association Representative / x5861
Judy Anderson, Association Representative / x5822
Liz Betzel, Association Representative / x5329
Mark Bocija, Association Representative / x5049
Dave Busch, Association Representative / x5079
T.J. Duda, Association Representative / x5309
Dr. Charlie Gallucci, Association Representative / x5499
Cindy Evans, Association Representative / x2435
Bob Mergel, Association Representative / x5034
Dona Reaser, Association Representative / x5475
Gilberto Serrano, Association Representative / x3863
Leslie Smith, Association Representative / x5302
Kathy Struve, Association Representative / x5330
Dr. Wendy McCullen-Vermillion, Association Representative / x2693

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